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Types of Carpet

Saxony is the most preferred material when people think about carpet. It is considered to be the most traditional cut-pile type where the fibres tend to stand straight and cut into even size. The fibres may not be as long as frieze carpets but they are taller than loops & cuts and Berber carpets.


Explore The Characteristics Of Saxony Material Carpets


The literal significance of Saxony is found in its plush, elegant and soft feel. This material adds a touch of class to your space’s floor.

The Saxony weaves are made of fibres that are straight and designed in a cut-loop pile. The carpet consists of broadloom loops that are woven and sheared for creating an even surface.

The Saxony carpet pile is densely weaved and packed closely from soft fibres. The highest quality Saxony carpets are made of nylon, and they are usually a half of an inch thick.


Types Of Saxony Carpets

  • Textured Saxony Carpet

Textured Saxony has gained momentum as a fresh trend. They are also known as trackless. Their style has some similar characteristics with straight Saxony, which we will be discussing later. The key feature is that the fibres are twisted in different directions and hence reflect the room’s illumination differently. Textured Saxony carpets mask footprints and vacuum impressions, thereby making it a popular choice for busy homes.

  •  Straight Saxony Carpet

Straight Saxony carpets have uniform and constant shades. While manufacturing, the makers weave them in the same direction. They are also known as the velvety Saxony carpets because of their similarity with velvet’s look. One can easily recognize this carpet from its look and feel. The colours of straight Saxony carpet take a different shade when the fibres are run in the opposite direction. These carpets may look calm, but they do not mask vacuum or footprints due to the weave alignment.


The Pros Of Saxony Carpet


  • Durability

Saxony carpet’s durability depends on the material that you chose. It also depends on the density of the weave and twist numbers of the fibre. It is ideal to opt for carpets with higher twist number and density for maximum durability.

  • Softness

The thick pile of Saxony spread feels like a plush under the foot. The velvety look gives a soft feeling under the foot.

  • Timelessness

Saxony carpets give a timeless look to the home because they never go out of people’s choice.


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